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Reason's Clients
Reason has worked with a number of agencies and corporations, either as an outsourced partner or in-house contractors.

Some of our latest projects:

Did a course for some business school students on communications. Strategy training in 3 astonishing minutes of slides.



A length of time passed here. For running commentary see @dodja.


Reason in the news
The "Reason Column" runs in Business Day's "Real Business" monthly special. Aimed at explaining hi tech and what it means to the Small and Medium Enterprise, it is written by Reason's Roger Hislop.

Latest columns:

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Marketing by spam does not have to annoy, if done right -- 22 March '06
Ignore e-mails at your legal peril -- 21 Feb '06
Wireless is well worth it -- 13 Dec '05
Skimping on your PC could prove an expensive error -- 22 Nov '05
Cut your technology bill by using free software -- 18 Oct '05
Talk is cheap ? if you talk a lot -- 15 Sept '05

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